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Three 5ml bottles (Shore Pine, Hemlock and Rainforest Blend) in a hand-crafted cedar wooden gift box engraved with the stunning Great Bear Rainforest® Essential Oils Logo.


Great Bear Rainforest® Essential Oils are carefully steam-distilled from fresh, sustainable harvested conifer needles gathered in the Great Bear Rainforest region. These organic, wild-crafted, steam distilled oils are manufactured locally by the Metlakatla and Nuxaulk First Nations of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Great Bear Rainforest® Essential Oil Gift Kit

  • Great Bear Essential Oils: More Than Just a Product

    "Each Great Bear Rainforest® Essential Oil beautifully infuses home, work and contemplative spaces with the fresh, invigorating fragrances of this carefully protected area of Canada. Beyond being an important, healing aromatherapy product, Great Bear Rainforest® Essential Oils are a powerful labour of love, conservation, care and community, and the benefit of your purchase has a significant ripple effect.

    As residents of the Great Bear Rainforest, we are dedicated stewards of our region’s lands, waters and resources, and take deep responsibility for the economic and cultural well-being of our members. Your support of this project helps ensure sustainable employment opportunities, and promotes the continued cultural health, growth and prosperity of these important communities with the pristine Great Bear Rainforest.

    The Great Bear Rainforest encompasses the North and Central Coast and Haida Gwaii regions of British Columbia. This area is the unceded Traditional Territory of our First Nations and represents a quarter of the world’s surviving coastal temperate rainforest.

    The ecosystem is the largest intact temperate rainforest in the world. It is home to grizzly bears, black bears, cougars, wolves, and the rare white-furred kermode, or Spirit Bear, as well as centuries-old western red cedars and a complex, bio-diverse ecosystem dependent on the recurrent upriver migration of salmon.

    Since 2000, Coastal First Nations have been working together to create a model that supports local communities while ensuring the long-term future of the Great Bear Rainforest and its surrounding waters."

    Learn More about our partners:

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    nunumus management
    Metlakatla Stewardship Society

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