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Shifting the majority of our lives indoors this past year has also meant shifting our lives online. For many people, where we work, where we socialize and where we relax has been focused entirely on our computer and phone screens.  Screen fatigue and anxiety are prevalent.


This is a simple way to give the gift of time in Nature to your employees.  Each gift certificate will provide a 2-hour remotely-guided walk with Valerie.  Employees can step away from their screens, tune into their senses, slow down, breathe deeply and give their attention to the natural world around them.


Cost per gift certificate is $150 (normally $200 each).


Recipients of each gift certificate can join one of Valerie's many public remotely-guided forest therapy walks each month.  


Printable gift certificates and details for booking:


After your purchase, you will receive an email with the ten individual gift certificates attached. You may either print them or send the certificates by email. A link and a special one-use code will be included to be used when registering for the desired walk.  Valerie will also personally contact you to ensure the gift of this experience is all you hoped for.


No refunds. Expires one year from purchase date.

Pack of 10 Individual Gift Certificates - 2-hour Remotely-Guided Forest Therapy

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