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Every month, I am offering a public remotely-guided Forest Therapy walk.  These groups will be limited to 10 participants.  


Cost per person is $200.


At check-out, please select the specific date that you will be participating.


Please ensure that you take the Pacific Standard Time zone into account when booking.


During this time when many of us are experiencing heightened anxiety, uncertainty, and a sense of isolation, a remotely-guided Forest Therapy walk offers opportunities to connect to yourself, others, and to the the natural world around you. I lead these remotely-guided sessions with people around the world via the free audio conferencing platform Zoom. Anyone can participate, regardless of age, ability or access to the outdoors.

You can step away from your screens and simply follow my gentle invitations as you listen to our audio call from your phone or computer. You'll be invited to tune into your senses, slow down, breathe deeply and to give your attention to the natural world around you. Perhaps think of this experience as "noticing and dwelling" rather than walking or hiking to get somewhere.

You're welcome to join from wherever you are. These online gatherings invite you to participate from a safe and familiar outdoor space near you, such as your garden, a local park or a nearby greenspace. If you're unable to leave your home, you can participate by looking at nature through your window, sitting next to an indoor plant and gathering items that represent nature to you, such as rocks, seashells, favourite images of nature, herbs, fruits and vegetables, wooden objects, etc.

The feedback from these remotely-guidedwalks has been heart warming. Listening to individuals share what they're noticing in their surroundings has painted visual stories from gardens, parks, homes and forests around the world, creating a beautiful sense of connection - and even a sense of "travelling" while travel is limited.


I will contact you via email with the details for your booking.

Public, Remotely-Guided Forest Therapy Walk (2 hours)

  • Cancellations with 48 hours advance notice will be reimbursed with a 20% admin fee. If you would like to reschedule for another day, we will schedule you in.


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