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Feel grounded,

and replace anxiety with ease.

Find what matters most to you, and how your decisions and actions
can be guided by a clear, internal compass.
Allow yourself to purposefully connect, create and contribute to the world
in a way that feels natural to you.
By combining her “Life on Purpose” method, Coaching and Forest Therapy,
Valerie will work with you to:
  • Explore and choose what matters most to you

  • Proactively plan how to restore and maintain balance in these key areas of your life

  • Craft a personal filter for all your choices, decisions and priorities – creating a clear mind and a sense of confidence in your daily life

  • Design and experiment with routines that are a natural fit for you, creating a sense of rhythm in your life

  • Spend guided time in nature to calm your nervous system, connect to your intuition, improve your critical thinking and boost your immune system

  • Feel like you have your feet firmly planted on the ground, ready for anything.

Being grounded means being present in your daily life and feeling at ease with yourself.


You feel guided by a steady and confident internal compass. You experience the world through your senses in the present moment - rather than living in your head, steeped in memories, regrets and worries. The decisions you make in your daily life are driven by your integrity – to yourself.

As a person who is grounded, your deep roots can weather most storms

Misty Forest Reflection
Image by Alexandra Fuller
Valerie McIntyre-Baird

"I work with people who find themselves feeling overwhelmed, stuck or untethered.

They want to feel grounded and find their daily rhythm again. They choose to live with integrity – to themselves.

I help them decide what's most important - creating priorities, boundaries and daily practices that give them a sense of confidence and ease.

They grow to live their life on purpose.”

Valerie McIntyre-Baird
Executive Coach, Mentor

& Forest Therapy Guide

The rhythm of your life is the strong, regular beat of a few core things that you anchor your life around. It’s the core principles that inspire your habits and schedule.


Our rhythm shapes the many moments in our day into recognizable patterns, creating emotional meaning and order out of what might feel like chaos.


In nature, rhythm comes from patterns such as: day and night, the ebb and flow of tides and the change of seasons.

When we have a sense of rhythm, disruption, change and conflict “may offer a few bad notes, but they don’t ruin the song.” Our life still feels familiar and predictable.


Noticing the rhythm that feels natural for you and designing your life around it is part of feeling grounded. Your schedule can come out of your rhythm, but your rhythm cannot come out of your schedule

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