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20 Minutes to a Calmer Mind

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Studies are showing a tripling of anxiety symptoms and quadrupling of depression amongst adults over the last year. It isn't a surprise, as people around the world are socially isolated, worried about financial security, experiencing disruptions in their daily routines and experiencing the illness or loss of loved ones.

Several studies have shown that exposure to nature can improve people's mental health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, nature is not easily accessed by everyone. This can be due to limitations in location, accessibility challenges, social distancing rules - or even available time.

I want everyone in the world to have access to the benefits of nature in some way.

To do this, I've included a simple audio file on my website. This is a sample of my nature-based guided practice, allowing you to listen and participate from a park, your garden, a patio balcony - or even inside your home by a window. Simply place an earbud in your ear, leave the other ear free to listen to what's around you - and enjoy.

I also collaborated with Cam Belseth (film maker) and William Baird (film composer) to create our short-film 'A Forest Moment', simulating a gentle walk in the forest with a calming music score.

  • Many people watch this video to start their day, or to wind-down before sleeping.

  • Some business teams watch this together as a break during online remote team meetings.

  • Children seem to enjoy this before bed - as do their parents!

This is my small way of contributing to the wellbeing of others during this challenging time.

Please enjoy.

Both the audio and video are free. You can find them on my website, at the bottom of my 'forest therapy' page.

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