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Start With the Big Stones First

The big stones are the things that need your attention to either maintain or restore a sense of balance.

Over the last 8 months, people have come to me because they're burnt-out. What they used to do to restore a sense of balance isn't working for them and they don't know why or what to do.

They tell me that they feel lost and unfulfilled. When we dig deeper, they express feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

It hadn't occurred to them that some of their most basic human needs feel at risk these days - foundational things like their home, financial stability, health and human connection.

In almost all instances, they've been working so hard to maintain a sense of "normal" that they haven't looked up to notice what's different. Many have been focused on personal growth - when they needed to invest in feeling safe and stable.

When we explore what matters most to them right now, an immense sense of relief embraces them. They give themselves permission to prioritize their most basic needs being met. They make decisions and spend their resources on the "big stones" first.

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