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Taking a Sabbatical From My Phone

Join me as I create and explore my own 3-month sabbatical by reducing my screen-time.

While researching for my latest blog post, I looked at my average screen-time on my phone. I was shocked to see that it had crept-up to an average of 8 hours a day.

I could make excuses about why this has evolved due to recent life circumstances, or challenge if I'm REALLY looking at my phone that much - but the fact is, this is a clear indication that I have an unconscious habit that needs my attention.

In my daily life and my practice, I've found that intentional change is easier to plan and navigate when you're walking towards something rather than running away from something. Shaming myself for my screen-time doesn't serve anyone. Instead, I've set a conscious goal to reduce it and I'm intentionally planning how I'll do it. Best of all, I'm imagining what's possible.

I'll be sharing my process, progress and insights along the way via regular blog posts.

My Screen-Time Sabbatical

Starting today, I'm applying my Life on Purpose Method to myself and designing my way forward.

I'm calling this 3-month journey my "Screen-Time Sabbatical™. It's a sabbatical because many of the things I "wish I had time for" will now be possible. I can't express how excited I am - and how much my body has responded with a clear sense of relief.

All of those hours lost to social media and Google searches will be replaced with time spent on nourishing what matters most to me right now - my Touch-Stones™:





I'm taking a 3 month break from Instagram and Facebook

I may return, but I might not. Instead, I've decided to spend time reflecting in nature, writing my blog on a regular basis, exploring how I express myself creatively, moving my body more, preparing food that fills my family's senses - and actively engaging with people I know and want to know better.

A few people that I've shared my goal with warned me of the business implications of not promoting my work and "engaging with people" on these 2 platforms. The truth for me is this: My clients have all come to me based on my trusted relationships with other people. When I've earned the trust of someone by helping them, being reliable, acting with generosity and honouring their values - I keep working with them and they refer me to others. Just imagine if I invested even 2 of my 8 hours a day on nurturing relationships with people I know or want to know better... That just feels right. It also leaves room for me to work with more clients. I won't lose potential clients - I'll make space for more.

I'm not anxious about losing connection with family and friends either. I'll be replacing my social media posts with phone calls and written letters. Wondering how I'll possibly have time will be replaced with, "I just gifted myself with 6 hours a day - this is important and I have time."

Going forward, there are still ways for us to connect:

My Blog: I love to write and the only reason I don't do it more often is that "I don't have the time." With a break from social media, I will have the space - both mentally and in my calendar. You can sign up to receive blog posts in your inbox OR you can just check in every now and again to say hi. I'll be sharing my sabbatical process and progress, regularly. I welcome you to share insights and questions as comments to my blog posts!

When you SUBSCRIBE, you get a 10% discount on any programs and products that I offer!

Participate in One of My Programs or Guided Walks: I have space for new clients - I have half my day back! I'd love to help you create your own 3-month sabbatical, find your way to feeling grounded or simply remotely-guide you on a walk.

Walk-and-Talk Discovery Sessions: I love to wander and talk outside. Please reach-out to me if you'd like to have a free one-hour Discovery Session while walking. Simply put an ear-bud in your ear and wander in one of your favourite places while I wander in mine. I can easily start our first 15 minutes with a Forest Therapy Invitation, helping us to connect to our senses, the places where we each are and even each other. The next 45 minutes can be a conversation where we are fully-present. My contact information is on my website. I'd love to hear from you.

I hope this leaves you inspired to look at how you might free some time from your own screens - and invest that time in what make you feel grounded.

PS - remember to SUBSCRIBE to my blog if you want to follow my sabbatical!

Warmest wishes,


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